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Leslie Anne Wood, B.S., M.A., H.H.C.P., is an Intuitive Counselor who uses her real life experiences, a formal education in Holistic Wellness techniques, and a lifelong ability as a Clairsentient to help you manage grief, loss, depression or physical pain.  It is with a smile that she adds a Ph.D. in "Been There, Done That" to her academic credentials.
During her ten years of practice, Leslie continues to observe the often dramatic curative effects that Holistic Wellness techniques offer her clients.   Although Leslie has received formal training in modalities that range from Western Herbalism, Energy Medicine, and Foot Reflexology to Aromatherapy, The Bach Flower Essences and Crystal Healing, she is quick to combine treatment techniques to meet her clients' needs.  In many instances she recommends the use of these modalities to increase the efficacy of traditional Western Medicine.
Leslie invites you to schedule an appointment to come together as a loving team with the goal of not only solving life's problems, but to maximize the power the body has to heal itself when mind and spirit are considered a dynamic part of the team effort.
Leslie Anne Wood

   Intuitive Counselor 

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Grief Support Specialist



Appointments available in office, e-mail, telephone and Skype.

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